Donated resources are used to purchase, package, and discreetly distribute food to children for weekend nourishment.

Time, money, or food... 
The choice is yours...
The children are all of ours!

In 2012, a young student was seen climbing into a trash dumpster for food. The plight of many students in Florence and Mapleton was uncovered.

Concerned members of these communities banded together to volunteer time and energy to alleviate the problem. Food Backpack 4 Kids was born. It has grown ever since in both effectiveness & scope.

​As of 2017, we are distributing weekend food supplies to over 80 students...quietly, effectively.

Florence and Mapleton ...
Our communities, Our families, Our children.

FB4K exists so that ...
"Together, no child will go hungry." 
Feeding young bodies and minds is our passion

and singular mission statement.

Our 'agenda'

Hunger isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round food drive & distribution gets so much attention. Devote a morning to help stock our pantry or fill backpacks. See first-hand how this is done. Hearts, time, and love. Feeding children together. Your neighbors, your friends, your community. This is good stuff!

You have an opportunity ... make a difference



Wednesday Mornings  830am.

It begins​...

Volunteers assemble to package a delicious assortment of food in grocery bags. A small team delivers the bags to our school representatives in charge of distribution. The packages are discreetly distributed to the students in need. 

Hope in Action

Above: Community children raise money to buy food for hungry children in our communities.  Wow !!! 

2. Food

Distributed without charge by an all volunteer staff

3. Children...

Now they are ready and able to concentrate on learning.

Reach Out

             Make a difference                   Feed a child     

One of our very own

Let's disappear hunger...



  • Symptoms of hunger is visible in students. Teachers are sensitive and supportive.
  • Food is distributed discreetly every week
  • The student's need for nutritious food last through the weekend
  • School and studies are no longer a burden
  • Your donations…SUSTAIN FB4K. Thank You!!!
  • Generous Providers...our saints
  • Grateful students...our clients
  • Your donations ... a community blessing

Urgent needs. Your help

Join Us



Please watch our short video below to become acquainted with FB4K.

Our Mission

Food Backpack 4 Kids

1. Students in Need

Hungry children in school….

it's a heartbreaking reality.


A Team Effort