Food Backpacks for Kids is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Florence, Oregon.  We are parents and grandparents from Florence and Mapleton who deeply care and refuse to see any child going through dumpsters for food.


FB4K is a Kid-Friendly School-based Program - Because the most essential school supply is food.


In Oregon, nearly one in three children struggle with hunger.  Households with children experience food insecurity at close to double the rate of households without children.  Food insecurity puts children at risk for behavioral, cognitive and other health-related problems that can affect their well being and long-term development.  We believe children should worry about tether ball and academics and not about their next meal.


More than 40 people volunteer each week.

They make the difference in the lives of over 80 kids.

You can help ... call us!

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and feed.

"Together, no child will go hungry"

Linda Lauck

Promotions/Public Relations
Without the help of a person who makes people aware and coordinates communication, we could not do what we do. Linda Lauck keeps us looking good in the public's eye!

Marilyn Barba 

Program Director
Our Program Director brings an abundance of enthusiasm to getting the job done with joy and gladness.

5 foot and change of nothing but optimism.

our leadership team

 Our History

100%  Volunteer Staffing

Laverne Sanders

Packing/Distribution Coordinator 
Okay. People know about us, donate time, effort and money, but what good is all this without the food? Not a problem ... Laverne keeps our food chain flowing smoothly!

recent Events

To commemorate our program’s 5 th year and say “Thank You” to our communities, FB4K is 
having a float in Florence’s Rhododendron Parade. We are “Always Ready” (the parade theme) to make sure no local child goes hungry!

Sue Scott  

Operations Coordinator

​Sue revolutionized our infrastructure so it’s effective and efficient ... AND she makes it look so easy!  Sue, and her Operations Assistant, Suzie Donati, are gifts that keep on giving to our program.  With their skill sets, FB4K is purchasing all food in local markets!

Walt Homenyk

Delivery Liaison             
The last piece of our organizational puzzle is Walt. He brings the muscle to gather the food and get it delivered to the school representative in charge of discreet distribution. Wonderful Walt...

Food Backpack 4 Kids

Dale Edwards​ 

Chief Executive Officer
His background as a pastor lends his heart to the needs of young people, and the experience to organize people to help meet those needs.

Deb Williams

Finance Coordinator

Collecting funds and using them wisely to purchase the best food products is an awesome responsibility. Deb is our go-to!

Oralee Pearce

Volunteer Training Coordinator  
As a wise man in our community once stated, Florence RUNS on volunteers. Well spoken.

Sweet, smiling Oralee sees to it that all FB4K Volunteers are trained and in sync with Food For Lane County standards.

February 2012 - The reality of the child looking for food in a dumpster in Florence was revealed to a shocked community. FB4K and members community wide got busy. We began working together with a mission that NO CHILD WILL GO HUNGRY in Mapleton & Florence. Fund raising began in earnest, and over 30 children most at risk for weekend hunger are supplied with nutritious food.

2013 - Over 30 local Sponsors/businesses are now contributing to FB4K

2014 - FB4K had an incredible October 'FUN'd raiser. It featured a Benefit Concert with the 'Singing Loggers Trio,' a popular local group.  Intermission featured a Dessert Auction, with baked goods donated by two local Women’s Groups. What a delicious, fun time everyone had!  Best of all, over $15,000.00 was raised to purchase food for the FB4K nonprofit program.

2015 - Local churches add another $6,800 to our raised by community children themselves!

2017 - FB4K now feeds over 80 children on weekends of the school year.

Better nutrition=better students=a better community.

How is this not a good thing?